The Model 700
power humidifier features truly automatic control, so there's no need to ever manually control the humidifier. It is also designed with ease of service in mind. It utilizes an outdoor temperature sensor for monitoring even the slightest changes in outdoor temperature. This high-tech humidification system can deliver up to 50% more moisture in comparison to competitive units.

The Model 600
is the newest addition to the line. It offers all of the performance benefits of our other technologically-advanced computer-equipped automatic humidifiers. It also includes a built-in bypass damper, which means fewer parts to install. Plus, the damper is conveniently labeled for summer and winter settings, allowing you to set it for the entire season with no guesswork involved.

Aprilaire Perfaire
Energy Recovery Ventilators provide a constant, controlled supply of fresh air to your home year- round. Reduces unhealthy indoor air pollutants such as radon, formaldehyde, smoke and odors. Reduces excess moisture content. Helps produce a healthy indoor environment

Aprilaire Model AA2200
High Efficiency Air Cleaner. For home cleanliness and allergy relief, the Aprilaire Air Cleaner filters out up to 99% of pollen and spores, while scouring out dust and other pollutants.

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